A common Hong Kong Wi-Fi brand, Wi-Fi.HK, was launched on 5th August 2014 which enables the public and visitors to easily identify free Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the territory.

Locals and visitors can connect to free Wi-Fi if they can access Wi-Fi hotspots under the brand Wi-Fi.HK with smartphones or mobile devices, or at places with the Wi-Fi.HK signage. The Wi-Fi service provided is either completely free or free for at least 30 minutes. No registration is required.

The Wi-Fi.HK brand logo and hotspot

Participating organisations of the Wi-Fi.HK brand include Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited, Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited, Hutchison Global Communications Limited, Y5ZONE Limited, Airport Authority Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation and Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited.

At November 2015 over 17,000 hotspots were available under the Wi-Fi.HK brand, including Wi-Fi hotspots under the Government Wi-Fi Programme (GovWiFi). Wi-Fi.HK provides free Wi-Fi service across the city covering Hong Kong International Airport, tourist attractions, public telephone booths, shopping centres, cafés, restaurants, convenience stores, Cyberport, the Science Park and GovWiFi premises.

By January 2020 the number of hotspots available under the Wi-Fi.HK brand had increased to over 36,000 with extensive coverage to locations such as the airport, tourist attractions, restaurants, shopping malls and stores, banks, youth service centres and study rooms as well as over 3,000 buses and taxis and the Airport Express train service. The Wi-Fi.HK service has been further extended to the sitting-out areas of 185 public rental housing estates and all public hospitals. Over 1,200 government venues are installed with Wi-Fi.HK hotspots. These include all public libraries, most museums, public markets and cooked food centres, sports, cultural and recreational venues, parks, promenades, land boundary control points and the cruise terminal. Having completed various enhancement works at government venues like upgrade of technology standard and full replacement of copper wires with fibre links, the Wi-Fi.HK service is now much faster and stable. The connection speed for hotspots under the Wi-Fi.HK brand has increased significantly to reach over 20 megabits per second (Mbps) on average, enabling smooth viewing of online videos.

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer has also set up high-speed access points at ten popular tourist attractions with a view to enhancing visitors' travel experience in Hong Kong. These access points with access speed of up to 100 Mbps are located at Kowloon Visitor Centre at Star Ferry Concourse in Tsim Sha Tsui, Temple Street Pai Lau in Jordan, Tai Kwun, Peak Road Garden, Hong Kong Wetland Park Visitor Centre, Repulse Bay Beach, Stanley Promenade, Golden Bauhinia Square, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port and Ngong Ping Road Interchange.

Hoh Speed hotspot at Temple Street Pai Lau in Jordan

The public and visitors can use the Wi-Fi.HK mobile app and the positioning function of their mobile devices to locate free public Wi-Fi hotspots in their vicinity, or they can use the app to search for hotspots by district, venue type or keyword.

The Wi-Fi.HK website also provides information on free public Wi-Fi hotspots under Wi-Fi.HK and details of the brand;



The Hong Kong Government GovWiFi scheme provides free wireless internet access via over 3,000 hotspots at about 570 locations (at December 2015) throughout public spaces in the city including public libraries, cultural and recreational centres, museums, sports venues, cooked food markets and major parks. The facility is available for foreign visitors to use. The scheme does not extend to private or commercial buildings and is not on the same scale as some free city wide wi-fi schemes already in operation in Taipei and Singapore. The scheme, which was launched in March 2008, initially covered 35 locations was rolled out in phases with 390 hotspots being available by March 2010, a further 2000 hotspots available by March 2012 and, following a HK$12 million further investment programme, the network has reached its current level.

Following expiry of the service contract for the initial programme, Next Generation Government Wi-Fi (GovWiFi) was launched on 21st December 2012, under a five year contract until the end of 2017. The new programme provides several enhancements including adoption of Wi-Fi technology standard (IEEE 802.11n), which provides better signal coverage, enables faster data transfer and reduces signal interference and support for the latest Internet communication protocol (IPv6) for accessing web sites and Internet services delivered through IPv6. The average connection speed has increased from 1 to 2 Mbps to 3 Mbps for general internet use such as web browsing and sending e-mail. No registration is required and there is 120-minute connection time limit and 15-minute idle time limit. Users can reconnect to continue the service after reaching these limits.

Hotspots are located mainly in public libraries, government premises, public parks and tourist locations. Tourist locations with hotspots include Peak Road Garden, The Peak, Kowloon Park, Repulse Bay Beach, Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza/Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, Hong Kong Park, Hong Kong Zoological & Botanical Gardens, Statue Square, Stanley Waterfront Mart/Promenade, Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal, China Ferry Terminal, Golden Bauhinia Square, Wan Chai Temporary Promenade, Southorn Playground, Kwun Tong Promenade and Kai Tak Cruise Terminal.

Since its launch, the monthly average number users of the service has increased from 20,000 to about 700,000.

During the year ended October 2015 the location registering the most connections was Hong Kong Central Library and Stanley Community Hall registered the lowest number of connections. 
GovWiFi has two network ID's (SSIDs) "freegovwifi-e" for encrypted connection and "freegovwifi" for unencrypted connection. Details of locations available can be obtained from the GovWiFi website here;

Gov WiFi free internet "hotspot" at Statue Square, Central


...........and at Shatin Park

The Office of Telecommunications Authority is also making provision for broadband wireless access via Wi-Max, a much more powerful version of Wi-Fi where a single transmission tower can provide wireless Internet up to 48km away. Licences were due to be auctioned in autumn 2008 with services rolled out during the following two years although as at April 2012 no Wi-Max services were available and it appeared little progress had been mad.

Free wireless access was made available for tenants in the communal areas of about 120 public rental housing estates of the Housing Authority in January 2008

Broadband Internet terminals which are free to use for visitors are fairly widely available in Hong Kong at a number of locations including the following;


In addition to providing free wireless internet there are over 1600 fixed public access Internet terminals in public libraries available for visitors to use. Hong Kong Central Library in Causeway Bay (opposite Victoria Park) has 470 terminals with around 20 on the ground floor which visitors can reserve for either a one hour or two hour session by calling in at the library. If no terminal is immediately available advance reservations for later the same day can be made, if terminals are available, or alternatively for another day. The Central Library is open from 10am to 9pm every day except Wednesday when opening hours are 1pm to 9pm. City Hall Public Library has 87 terminals and Kowloon Public Library has 67 terminals. Opening times at most major libraries have been extended in recent years but some of the smaller libraries close on one day every week. Visitors can use terminals where available at any public library and the full list of libraries with public terminals is detailed below and addresses, location maps and opening times can be found here;

Additionally the following libraries also have Express Internet Terminals where no reservation is allowed and access is limited to 15 minutes to enable users to quickly check e-mails and surf the Internet;

City Hall Public Library
Kowloon Public Library
Ma On Shan Public Library
Sha Tin Public Library
Stanley Public Library
Tai Po Public Library
Tuen Mun Public Library
Tsuen Wan Public Library
Tsim Sha Tsui Public Library


Free Wi-Fi access is available at all MTR stations. Sessions are limited to 15 minutes with a maximum of 5 sessions per device per day. For details of hotspot locations at stations see;

The following 13 MTR stations also have "iCentres" with free Internet access via fixed terminals and power charging sockets for laptops and mobile devices;

Hong Kong Station (Concourse exit C paid area)
Central Station (Platform 3 Island Line towards Chai Wan) 
Wan Chai Station (Platform 1 Island Line towards Chai Wan)
Tsuen Wan Station (Concourse –paid area)
Kowloon Tong (Concourse –paid area)
Kowloon Bay (Concourse –paid area)
Causeway Bay (Concourse, exit B, C, paid area)
Quarry Bay (platform level towards station concourse exit A
Admiralty Station
Tai Koo Station
Mong Kok Station (Concourse, paid area)
Sham Shui Po Station
Kwai Fong Station


MTR iCentre, Sham Shui Po Station, one of 14 stations offering free wi-fi service. Since 8th July 2013, free wi-fi hotspots are available in the paid area of all MTR stations but not on platforms or trains except Airport Express trains. 


Free Internet access is available on all Airport Express trains. The service is provided by PCCW-HKT Limited.

Power charging sockets are available in cars 1 and 7 of Airport Express trains.

All Airport Express Stations (Hong Kong, Kowloon, Airport, Tsing Yi & Asia World-Expo) have free Wi-Fi access in paid areas of the station and on concourses but not on trains. PCCW Wi-Fi (subscription) is available on trains and platforms. 



Free wi-fi is available on some Citybus/New World First Bus routes

Since November 2008 Citybus/New World First Bus have introduced free Wi-fi internet access on some buses on certain routes including all "Cityflyer" airport routes. The service is being gradually expanded although not all buses serving routes where wi-fi is available are equipped with wi-fi and by mid-2010 about 170 buses were equipped. Buses with Wi-fi are labelled accordingly near the entry door. The wireless network can be identified as "Webus". Routes which currently have some buses equipped with wi-fi are;

2 Grand Promenade <-> Central (Macau Ferry)
2A Yiu Tung Estate <-> Wan Chai Ferry Pier
2X Shau Kei Wan <-> Wan Chai Ferry Pier
8 Heng Fa Chuen <-> Wan Chai Ferry Pier
8P Island Resort<-> Wan Chai Ferry Pier
18 North Point Healthy St Central <-> Belcher Bay
82 Island Resort <-> North Point Ferry Pier
101 Kennedy Town <-> Kwun Tong (Yue Man Square)
104 Kennedy Town <-> Pak Tin Estate
106 Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort) <-> Wong Tai Sin
111 Central (Macau Ferry) <-> Ping Shek Estate
112 North Point (Pak Fuk Road) <-> So Uk Estate
113 Choi Hung <-> Belcher Bay
116 Quarry Bay (Yau Man Street) <-> Tsz Wan Shan (Central)
590 South Horizons <-> Exchange Square
590A South Horizons <-> Admiralty MTR Station (East)
601 Po Tat Estate <-> Admiralty MTR Station
680 Admiralty MTR Station (East) <-> Lee On Estate
682 Chai Wan (East) <-> Lee On Estate
701 Hoi Lai Estate <-> Mong Kok
702 Hoi Lai Estate <-> Sham Shui Po (Yen Chow Street)
722 Yiu Tung Estate <-> Central Ferry Pier 3
792M Tiu Keng Leng MTR Station <-> Sai Kung
904 Nob Hill <-> Belcher Bay
905 Nob Hill <-> Wan Chai Ferry Pier
970 Cyberport <-> So Uk
970X Aberdeen <-> So Uk
"CITYFLYER" AIRPORT ROUTES A10, A11, A12, A21, A22 & A29


Seat back Wi-Fi instructions on New World First Bus service equipped with free wi-fi


Pacific Coffee have 50 shops throughout Hong Kong (including two at the airport) which have Internet terminals for customers use free of charge. The number of terminals at each shop varies from one to about six. There is no time limit unless all terminals are occupied in which case customers are requested to limit use to 15 minutes if others are waiting and a 15-minute timer is located next to each terminal which can be set by waiting customers.

A full list of shops, locations and opening times can be found here;

PCCW wi-fi internet access is also available at Pacific Coffee but is not free to use.


Pacific Coffee free Internet terminal


If waiting for use of a terminal set the timer to limit the existing user to 15 minute's use

STARBUCKS COFFEE SHOPS - 30 min free session provided by CSL Wi-Fi service. Activation code printed on till receipt. 


Y5Zone/HKBN provides limited free wi-fi access for McDonalds, McCafe, Pret a Manger, UA Cinemas, Wilson Parking and at a number of Vitasoy drinks vending machines. Unlimited free wi-fi access is available at a small number of McDonalds branches such as Internet access is not usually available some small outlets such as kiosks. To take advantage of free wi-fi it is necessary to complete a short simple (three or four question) online questionnaire. After the free period has expired, further access can be gained at a charge of HK$5 per hour by sending SMS text to Y5Zone/HKBN for user name and password.

The free wi-fi period is currently;

MCDONALD'S AND MCCAFE - 20 minutes per day 
PRET A MANGER - 60 minutes per day
UA CINEMAS - 20 minutes per day
VITASOY DRINKS VENDING MACHINES, selected machines only, which can be identified by a Y5Zone free wi-fi label on the front of the cabinet. Range is about 30-metres around the machine - 20 minutes per day
WILSON PARKING (certain car parks only) - unlimited

Y5Zone also provides free, unlimited wi-fi at the following shopping malls;


Customers can also subscribe to available paid wi-fi networks at these outlets and PCCW wi-fi network is widely available.

Many Vitasoy drinks vending machines are Y5Zone/HKBN 20-minute, free wi-fi hotspots. Range is about 30-metres and machines equipped with wi-fi can be identified by the Y5Zone label on the cabinet door


Complimentary wi-fi internet access provided by Apple is available throughout Hong Kong International Airport. There are also 56 free fixed internet terminals at 28 locations in the airside Departures Level of Terminal 1 and a further 6 fixed terminals, airside, at the Departures Level of North Satellite Concourse. The airport also has 256 free charging points at 71 locations either at seating areas or adjacent to public phones from Level 4 to 7 of Terminal 1 and Level 5 of North Satellite Concourse.


In addition to free wi-fi throughout Hong Kong International Airport, there are also 62 free fixed internet terminals located in the departure areas


Many large shopping malls have either free Internet terminals/free wi-fi hotspots or both including Times Square and Windsor House in Causeway Bay, IFC Mall in Central, Peak Galleria, Harbour City and The One in Tsim Sha Tsui, Grand Century Place in Mongkok, Harbour Centre in Wanchai, World Trade Centre in Causeway Bay, New Town Plaza in Sha Tin, East Point City at Tseung Kwan O, Metroplaza at Kwai Chung and Citygate Outlets, Tung Chung (30 mins PCCW free wi-fi).

Some Uncle Russ Coffee bars including the ones at Central Ferry Pier 6 (for Mui Wo/Peng Chau), Central Pier 3 (for Discovery Bay) and Star Ferry Pier Tsim Sha Tsui have one or more Internet terminals for customer use.

Mix juice bars have free internet access.

Ocean Park - free park-wide unlimited high speed Wi-Fi access for visitors from March 2016.

The Peak Galleria - unlimited free wi-fi access.

NWFF (New World First Ferry) have made 20 minutes free wi-fi with Y5Zone available at Central Ferry Piers 5 (for ferries to Cheung Chau) and at Cheung Chau Ferry Pier.

Six 40-minutes free wi-fi sessions per day allowed throughout Discovery Bay and on Discovery Bay ferries, courtesy of the Discovery Bay developer, Hong Kong Resorts International

Hong Kong Jockey Club provide free wi-fi access at Happy Valley and Shatin Racecourses. For details see;

Sky 100 - 30 minutes free wi-fi access at observation deck on 100th floor, International Commerce Centre (ICC), West Kowloon
Ngong Ping 360 cable car terminals at Tung Chung and Ngong Ping and throughout Ngong Ping Village.

TurboJET provide free wifi access in all cabin classes on all ferries

An increasing number of hotels provide complimentary in-room wireless internet access for guests.


CSL (formerly PCCW) has over 14,000 wireless hotspots throughout Hong Kong including all Starbucks and Pacific Coffee outlets, most MTR platforms, concourses and Airport Express, all 7-Eleven and Circle K outlets and over 1000 CSL phone booths (see below) from which a wi-fi signal is usually available within about 100-metres radius. PCCW pre-paid wi-fi passes are available allowing unlimited wi-fi access with a 24-hour pass costing HK$20 or a 30-day pass costing HK$158 and will represent good value for many visitors Passes can be purchased at CSL shops and most convenience stores;

CSL 30-day unlimited wi-fi pass, previously the PCCW 30-day unlimited pass


CSL / PCCW has over 8000 wi-fi hotspots including phone booths from which a wireless signal is usually available within 100-metres radius.


CSL offers a free 24-hour Wi-Fi pass for bona-fide visitors to Hong Kong to experience CSL's Wi-Fi service on one mobile device from any of its 14,000 hotspots throughout Hong Kong;



The Hong Kong Government's Office of Communications Authority (OFCA) maintains a search engine for all registered wi-fi access points in Hong Kong. Searches can be made by name of service provider, geographical district and area;